Friday, May 1, 2015

Rating Books

One of the funnest things to do after I finish a book is giving it a rating. I have to admit, I am a very picky reader. I save my 5 star ratings for the books that I can't out down, literally.  I remember plenty of times I could vaguely hear my kids yelling at me to fix them something to eat. While glued to my book, I would mumble something like "Ok, in a minute!"  Even though I knew I wasn't putting this book down in just a minute. It may be hours until I get my butt off of the couch to tend to my family. This book needs me! These characters need me!!  If I give a book 5 starts that means it basically blew my mind, unable to start another book for days. Even days later I still think about the book and even get a little sad knowing the book is over. What keeps me moving on is the thought that there may be another 5 star book waiting for me on my kindle. I read almost all of my books on my kindle. But when I come across a 5 star book, I will immediately buy it in paperback and put it in my bookcase and treasure it forever!

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